Log Into a Bowl Part 2 Then Into a Bird Seed Dish...




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I did an instructable a few months ago on how to turn a log into a bowl...  I didn't dry the bowl properly and it had severe warping and cracking. So it became a third of the original size after rough turning. I decided to make the bowl into a feeder dish for my wife's birds.
I do believe this fits in the "fix-it" contest as well... so I will enter it there...

******SAFETY FIRST******

Step 1: Remount the Bowl

Chuck the bowl back up and install it on the lathe.

Step 2: Setup Your Tool Rest

sharpen your tools and setup the tool rest. Sorry no pics on sharpening... Im assuming that if you have a lathe, you do not need any instructions on sharpening the tools...

Step 3: Finish Turn the Bowl and Sand It.

I finished the bowl to my desired shape (after what was left from the cracking) and sanded it with 80 grit sandpaper.. I didnt go any further on the sanding because they will have better grip while perching on it and they will tear it up eventually anyway...

Step 4: Mount the Bowl on a Stick

I have a half log that I set on top of a ladder that the birds absolutely love to soak up the sun while outside. so I decided to attach the bowl and another bowl I had that was the proper size to this. So I screwed each of them to either side of the log... 
and now I have two happy little birds and extra cool points from the wife...

Thanks for looking...



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    Anıl Kayar

    3 years ago

    its very good stuffs. i have female cockatiel and i want to do something like this. BUT i can't put her out without a cage. how can u trust ur birds not to flay away? :o respect!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I absolutely love cockatiels :] Its very cool to see such a cool place for them to hang and eat! I double your extra cool points! Great work!

    6 replies

    Thanks! They enjoy it... The same day we put them Out there, they were going at it like rabbits! Today we found an egg!

    were not sure what we have... I saw them going at it several times, that makes me think i have a pair of little lovers! but i have read and read, that the only way to know for sure is to either have eggs that hatch, or get some DNA testing... Only time will tell... For now we wait... btw, We found another egg last night.....

    The day i saw them going at it, i made a nesting box and attached it to the cage... I also attached a clip-on webcam to the top so we can spy on them, I threw some shredded paper and a bunch of cotton rope pieces in there... few days went by (as well as a few "lovemaking" sessions, when finally one of them went in and messed around and got it ready for the eggs... then all the sudden we found one, and now another... I hope were gonna have some little babys!

    Wow! Yeah from the pictures it looks one female one male. I think the beak shapes have something to do with it? Be careful when the eggs are around! I remember my cocketial got nippy when she was laying eggs. Hope you guys do have some little chickies!!!

    Maybe do an idble on how to raise little birdies!

    well, please tell me, in the first pic which one you think is the male or female?
    The one on the right in that pic, is the one staying in the box...

    I thought the one on the right was the male! Hmm I did some googleing myself and it seems like other than dna its an observatory thing. Males talk more, preen in mirrors, and no brown spots under the wings? "Observe the speckling pattern on the pearl cockatiel. After the first molt, males lose this speckling, while females retain it. Also, a male's face will turn yellow or white, but a female's will turn gray or brown." but one sure thing was if it lays eggs its a hen!!! In the picture the one on the right is bigger and seems to have a more pointed sharp beak which i assumed was for hunting or something of that nature but now that i think of it the mother does that doesnt she? Lol