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Introduction: Logan Wall Art - Pallet Wood

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I've always been a big fan of Wolverine ever since I first read an X-Men comic book. This is something I have been wanting to make for awhile and finally decided to make it. This is a pretty simple project that doesn't require any real artistic skill to make. If you can trace a picture you can make this too. Let me take you through my process.

Step 1:

I had some left over pallet wood from a previous project. So I grabbed a few pieces and cut them down to size using my miter saw. I cut the pieces down to 20 inches. The final dimensions of the finsihed piece measures 17-3/4 inches tall by 20 inches wide.

Step 2:

Once I had all the pieces cut I lined them up to my liking and flipped them over. I cut two additional pieces of pallet wood slightly smaller to about 16 inches each these would serve as the support pieces or backing for the "pallet wood' canvas.

Step 3:

Next I added glue to the support braces and predrilled and screwed them on to the other pallet wood pieces. I did this for both sides.

Step 4:

I then used some 150 grit sand paper and knocked down the sides and gave the overall piece a light sanding. Once I was done with the sanding I wiped everything clean and brushed off any remaining dust.

Step 5:

To add a little depth to the canvas I used my blow torch to scorch the wood. I tried to concentrate on the corners and outer edges. The idea was to draw the focus to the center of the piece once it was painted. After torching the piece I lightly sanded it again with 150 grit sandpaper.

Step 6:

Next I painted the pallet wood first with a "almond' color spray paint and then with a "white" spray paint. I didn't completely cover up the almond color with the white I just sprayed it somewhat randomly to give it some depth.

Step 7:

While my pallet wood canvas dried I prepared the stencil. If you would like to know more about how I enlarged the image for this stencil please check out this other Instructable where I go in to detail on how I enlarge and print out multipage stencils. Its all covered in Step 1 of this Instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Spider-Man-Wall-A... First I trimmed all the sheets and then taped them together.

Step 8:

To make the cutting easier I traced the entire stencil with a sharpie marker.

Step 9:

Now that the canvas was dry I lightly sanded the entire piece again with 220 grit sandpaper. Then I covered the entire surface with blue painters tape.

Step 10:

Next I taped down the template to the canvas and began to cut out the stencil. I removed the blue tape for the areas that would be painted black.

Step 11:

With the stencil cut out I painted the entire piece black. I did two coats of black paint. Once the paint was dry I peeled off all the blue tape.

Step 12:

There were a few areas I had to touch up. So I used the same black spray paint and a brush to touch up any areas that needed it. This required several coats. I make sure to use a small brush so that I don't put down too much paint.

Step 13:

To add a little more shading I sprayed some black paint on a rag and rubbed it on the corners and outer edges of the piece. Here again I was trying to draw attention to the center of the canvas. I hope you find this Instructable helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Video of the process:

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Very nice!

Great Instructable!
You may be able to skip step 12 if you remove the mask while the 2nd coat of the black spray paint is still wet. This is something I did when I was in the sign business.

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Or conversely, if you didn't find the template, how did you make it?

I googled "Wolverine black and white" and this is one of the images that pops up. In Step 7 I have a link to another instructable where I explain how I enlarge images and print them.

I googled "Wolverine black and white" and this is one of the images that pops up. In Step 7 I have a link to another instructable where I explain how I enlarge images and print them.

I'm an old fart and really dig the art! LOL

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Looks great. Love the finished work. Thanks for sharing

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Love it. It is very simple but is very informative and yet universal.

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1 year ago

With a split down the middle (before painting) this would make an absolutely awesome dart board cabinet!

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That's a great idea, something to keep in mind for next time.

Great work, well done!