Logo Painting

Introduction: Logo Painting

With time logo sticker came off my old cordless drill and I've decided to try myself in painting it back. Here is how I did it.

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Step 1: Disassembly

Before painting anything it is a good idea to take apart a tool to minimize a risk of paint getting through ventilation holes and inside the motor.

Step 2: Surface Cleaning

Before applying any type of paint you have to be sure that surface is clean and has no grease on it. In my case I used White Spirit to clean the old logo spot.

Step 3: Making of a Stencil

To paint a logo I used a stencil.
First of all I found a picture that might suit me and then printed it out on a sheet of self adhesieve paper. Next thing was positioning which can be tricky with some types of self adhesieve papers as they stick too hard, so be carefull and dont stick it unless you 100% sure.

Then I started to cut the stencil. For this purpose I used xacto knife. This step took me around 20 min. The most difficult part is round cuts (like on letter "D").

After your stencil is complete mask the rest of the surface that should not contact with paint.

Step 4: Painting

For such painting job I recommend using a aerosole paint.
3 layers would be enough. First one should be as thin as possible to guarantee the best contact with surface and fast curing. Next 2 can be applied after 10-15 minutes each.

In 22 degrees C my paintjob top layer cured in 30 minutes and I was ready to proceed to the next step.

Notice: don't let paint fully cure with stencil still under it as taking it out without damging the paint itself might become preety dificult.

Step 5: Checking the Results

Using xacto knife I carefully pried the pieces of a stencil and left the the paint for a comlete cure.

The next day I was free to put together the drill and start enjoying the final result.

You can also add a clear coat over the paint for additional protection of your work.

Thats it. Thanks for attention. =)

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