Lohan/Monroe Makeover.




Introduction: Lohan/Monroe Makeover.

This instructable is going to show you the steps necessary for a Lindsay Lohan/Marilyn Monroe Make over!

Step 1: You Will Need...

A nice clean face.
Moisturizer ( I like Vanishing Cream from Lush)
Foundation (I like MAC, NC15)
MAC Strobe Cream
A shimmer blush (I like MAC, TuttiFrutti)
Concealer (I like MAC, NC15)
Lid Primer (I like MAC, Canvas)
Liquid eyeliner (I like MAC, Boot Black, waterproof)
Black Mascara (I like Tarina Tarentino)
Lip stick (I like DSquared for MAC)
Lip liner (i like Stilla, Neutral)
A blond wig.
A foundation brush, concealer brush, angled eyebrow brush, blush brush. eyebrow comb, eyeshadow brush.

Step 2: Base

 Begin with a blank canvas, clean you face well.
Apply a base of moisturiser.

Step 3: Foundation

You will need a raisin sized blob of foundation, and 2 pumps of strobe cream.

Step 4: Mixing Foundation

 Blend together with your foundation brush.

Step 5: Foundation Application

 Then apply evenly in long sweeps, starting with your forehead, and working down your nose to your cheeks and chin.

Step 6: Concealer

 Use concealer to cover up any red patches, pimples or imperfections.

Step 7: Blush

 Do a scary smile, so the apple of your cheek is most prominent. Apply the blush in circular sweeping motion, and blend along your cheekbone.

Step 8: Primer

 Put a pee sized amount of eyelid primer onto your finger.

Step 9: Priming

 Use your finger to apply the primer to you lid, making sure it doesn't cake and is even.

Step 10: Eye Liner

 Apply your liner in a graduated 2mm think line along your lid.

Step 11: Eye Lined

 Follow the crease of your lid at the outside edge of your eye. Us this as a guide for the flick of the liner.

Step 12: High Light

 Apply a small amount of light shimmery shadow to the inside corner of each eye, top and bottom.

Step 13: Mascara

 Apply mascara to the inside and outsides of lashes on both eyes. Twirl the wand as you do it to maximise coverage and separation.

Step 14: Eyebrows.

 Comb eyebrow hair into a neat shape with eyebrow comb. Use the angled brush to fill in the shape, emphasising and defining.

Step 15: Brow Highlight

 use the eyeshadow brush to apply highlighter to your brow bone.

Step 16: Lip Liner

 Using your lipliner, outline the line of your lips.

Step 17: Lip Stick

 fill in your outline with your lipstick. 
mash you lips together to evenly distribute the lipstick.

Step 18: Face Done.

 make up is DONE!

Step 19: Wig Time!

Step 20: DONE!

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    your tattoo is gorgeous :) and lovely ~ible. thank you for sharing it :)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Steps were easy to follow, however I still suck applying makeup. :P It's me not you. I love your tattoos though! And I'm going to keep mixing my own foundation now...