Lolita Pop Costume. Roman Holiday

Introduction: Lolita Pop Costume. Roman Holiday

For the Carnival of 2017, my daughter wanted to make her disguise, but she lacked ideas. He had recently returned to see the holiday film in Rome, and I thought it was a beautiful theme to dress up. I talked to her, and I was delighted. The idea is to make a scooter Vespa of cardboard, to paint it, and to go disguised as Audrey Hepburn ... The motorcycle is made of carton glued with silicone gun, adhesive tape of painter's paper, fall held by two (2) Which cross behind, and allow to carry it on the shoulders. With a jacket, those tapes are completely hidden and seems to be on the bike. A white sealing paint job and a painting hand of the color you want, in this case pink. The rest is colored paint, and the light that comes from bazaar, with led to 1.25 €.

Very fun, since they can do the small ones of the house, (with an adult, because the silicone gun burns ...) and more to enjoy. My 7 year old daughter won first prize at school ..

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    3 years ago

    Very cool! I love the way this turned out : )