Long Drop Trap With Dropper+chest

Introduction: Long Drop Trap With Dropper+chest

Just imagine you keep getting attacked by hoards of zombies over and over again and you're losing all your armor and swords while trying to fend them off, then you think I need a defense on my house that they can't get through!

If only I knew how to make a long drop trap.

Good news, fellow minecrafter as this instructable will show you how to build a long drop trap capable of defeating any foe and collecting their loot.

Step 1: First, Place Your Door

Dig out a 3x3x1 square in the ground and then fill it in with whatever block your house is going to be made out of. Then place your iron door in the middle.

Step 2: Next, Dig a Hole for the Trap

Dig down 30 blocks directly in front of the door. Just remember that if you are building this in survival mode dig it so that you can see where you are mining.

Step 3: Next, Place the Hopper & Chest

When you finish mining the hole mine out 2 more blocks at the bottom and place a chest in the very bottom and then place a hopper on top.

Step 4: Dig the Hole for the Redstone Mechanism

dig out a 4x2 area so you can see but also be able to easily place the blocks.

Step 5: Next Add the Redstone Mechanism

At the top of the cleared area, place a single sticky piston facing in toward the pit. Repeat on the bottom and place a block in front of each piston. Make sure the block in front of the top piston is the same as the rest of the ground ( what you placed in step 1) so it blends in. Place a blue wool block between the 2 sticky pistons. Place a redstone torch on the left side of the block, then place a regular block above it and a piece of redstone dust underneath it. The redstone should power it so the pistons push out. Then add a regular piston on the right-hand side of the blue wool. Place redstone behind it and you finish step 5.

Step 6: Place the Pressure Plates

Next place a pressure plate on either side of the iron door.

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