Long Range Wireless Repeater

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Being too far from your WiFi router causes a lot of frustration. Here I will show how I used three ways to extend a network together with tested success.

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Step 1: Repeater Bridge

After mounting a yagi antenna I bought online for $25 I ran the wire inside to the Linksys Router. After a quick search I found that the router is one that is well suited for modifications. The site dd-wrt.com gives specifics on re-flashing and compatability with their open source (free) firmware.

Step 2: Firmware

Following the DD-WRT steps set the router up as a repeater/bridge. (this step is different for every router so checking the compatibility and downloading the most up to date and correct firmware is very Important.)

I did the same thing to make a wireless repeater for an ArDrone in this video.

Step 3: Connection to Router

I got a 100 foot long Cat 6 cable (eathernet or patch) and ran it from the renewed linksys router to this Netgear Router in my office. At this point having figured out how to flash a router I flashed this one also (not required.) I turned up the output power and melted the plastic a bit. so as shown a computer fan was added to keep things cool.

Step 4: Tuning

To aim the yagi antenna Start with line of sight just look down the antenna like a gun and get it close. Then find a program that shows broad band signal strength (I used a laptop and a the long cable before I ran it through the house) Fine tune the antenna to the highest signal strength and tighten the bolts.

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    3 years ago

    Could you give us some range and signal strength values? A link to the antenna might also be informative. Thanks.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    -40db strength from the wifi analyzer on my phone. Iran the internet speed test and got 9.8 download and 1.1 upload. Thats at 320feet feom the source which is not directional. The yagi is the cheapest on I could find on amazon Super Power Supply® 16dBi Wireless 2.4GHz.