Long Shot Bow

Introduction: Long Shot Bow

my FIRST INSTRUCTABLE, the longer the piece you launch the better,

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Step 1: What You Need

This step is just a get-to-know-it step.
You need:
10 Orange connectors(add more for better launch)
2 yellows(Must be long enough for orange connectors
1 gray rod
Rubber Band

Step 2: Putting It Together

Take the Orange connectors, and connect them on the gray rod, as shown in intro.
Then add the Yellow Rods as shown,
Then put the Rubber band on, make sure it pulls over the Yellow Rods on the ends.

Step 3: Launching

I probably dont need a picture, take the ammo, pull back on the ammo and the rubber band.
Let go and it will launch forward
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR war, shooting, target practice etc. because of its lack in steady force and accuracy.

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