Long Term Food Storage

Introduction: Long Term Food Storage

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With continuing rumors of war, hurricanes, great earthquakes in divers places, famines, and pestilences... I thought it was a good time to start my long term food storage supply.

While it is recommended that everyone have a 72-hour supply (See www.ready.gov), I wanted a little more.

These 5 gallon buckets each contain 25 lbs of rice, 4 lbs of beans, honey, salt, water purification chemicals, coffee filters, and matches and a fire starter. While not necessarily a well-balanced meal, surely will save you from starvation for quite a while.

Step 1: Assemble Materials

25 lbs rice

4 lbs beans

waterproof matches

Fire Starter


Spa Shock


5 gallon food-safe bucket

5 gallon Mylar bag and 2000 CC oxygen absorber.

Step 2: Assemble Bucket

I placed the rice into the Mylar bag.

On top of this I placed the beans in their original package. I pierced the bean bags to allow the oxygen to flow through the bag without spilling the beans (pun intended).

I then place an O2 obsorber into the Mylar bag and seal it using a towel wrapped around a board and ironing the bag closed.

I then place the honey, spa shock (in a zip lock bag), fire starter, matches, and instructions on using the spa shock (in a separate zip lock bag), and salt (also in a separate zip lock bag) into the bucket on top of the Mylar bag.

Step 3: Label and Store the Bucket

I then label the contents of each bucket and store the buckets in a cool dry basement.

This storage method should hold the food safe to eat for nearly 30 years.

Hopefully we will never need them!



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