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This is one for the skateboarders. I made this project because i recently found a pair of skateboard wheels so i thought i build a longboard. This project only takes about 2 hours. ( i know i used skateboard wheels in stead of longboard wheels but it doesn't matter for me)

Materials and stuff:

-ply wood plate 85 by 20cm or 21.25 by 7.87 inches
- wood saw
-skate/longboard wheels
-wood finish

Step 1: Measure and Cut

I have all the measurements in the picture above. All i can say is that you have to make sure that you sand the edges real good. In this step you also have to make the holes for the wheels in the wood, i did not put the measurements in the picture because every set of wheels is different. But make sure that that you place them carefully, if you dont do this the wheels will diviate ( and that is not good).

Step 2: Assemble

This is very easy. You only have to put the wheels on the board. You can also make you own disign on the board. You can do this with wood finish. But i did it with soy sauce ( it actualy works). The soy sause gives it a darker tone. If you do it with soy sauce you do have put a transparent spray paint over it. If you dont do it than the color will fade.

Your done. Have fun with your new skate/longboard!!



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thanks for your support, tommorow im gonna upload the garden box. Here is a preview!