Longboard Skateboard - With Trucks on Top!! And!! Bottom




Introduction: Longboard Skateboard - With Trucks on Top!! And!! Bottom

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Hi all - been a while since I posted anything.

This is not so much an instructable as a concept that allows me to ride rough and smooth ground where I live, using landpaddle technique and longboard pumping.

Where I live the paths and roads are either beautiful or rough as crap - and I hate carrying my board any more than I have too - it's all about the ride - I don't bother with tricks so it's all about the cruisin, this simple solution allows me to keep on going when others are walking.

See what ya think - might work where you live too.

Oh - I know she is butt ugly but it was a compromise - we do what we can.

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Step 1: Wheels N Trucks

First picture is of my Seismic trucks - ceramic bearings are top and bottom, wicked fast and super smooth pumping, Vault Fudge 65mm 82a wheels - the only duro that works where I live, I have tried about £200 quids worth of investigation into the right hardness - hard was way!! to hard - soft was way!! to sticky and hard work.

Second picture is of what I call my transporter wheels - they get me over the rough without stopping but they are not very cool - - - 100mm blank Yaks 82a hard with generic trucks set up for carving and pumping.

Step 2: Pumping Setup

None of my boards have front springs or if they have bushings they are custom turned to be really soft and floaty giving a real surf feel and allowing the rider to make full use of the stroke of the truck - you will see loads of Youtube vids saying ya need a soft front end "with a high rebound" - not so, my pumping setups use no springs and these babies pump like they are on glass.

Back springs on my Seismics are Yellow mid hardness.

Step 3: Trim Your Bush - If Ya Want

For the transporter trucks I would have had no bushings if I could have but to get what I wanted feel wise I turned down a mid soft set so that the truck is stable but the float is very!! light - this was mainly done for tighter turning than pumping as these wheels run a little slower and are a bit more work than my Vaults - that being said, all the young guys in our block now have my turned bushes on their boards as they love the turning and ride it provides.

Step 4: Board Yet?

The great thing about cruising was that I did not need the strength of a normal skateboard used for tricks - the weight is right up against the trucks and there is no jumping off and on ( as in flips etc ) so the load is constant except for going up/down curbs, the wood was a beautiful bit of pine ( I think by the looks of it ) that a neighbor had discarded.

Width was made to the size of my foot - this gives really great control of the turns with no effort at all allowing for deep sweeps left and right.

Step 5: Aaaaahhhh Nuts

Yup - just like it says.

My first idea was to use nylon wing nuts to change my wheels as needed - - ride into town on the transporters, then change to the Vaults when things got smoooooth - this would keep the board single sided but it is just typical that when I am out exploring the town there is always some big drop or lumpy black top trying to throw ya off or drag down ya speed so double trucks it was - - the road gets rough, just flip her over, no worries.

I kinda like the wing nut look and the colour complimented the green wheels so I kept them.

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    7 Discussions


    4 years ago

    This is cool.


    5 years ago

    Sweetest! :-)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi - cheers.

    It would be real cool. to have a skater make one of these to find out how the tricks worked out - mind you if mine looks odd what would theirs look like???.


    5 years ago

    Kinda cool. How is the balance with the wheels on both sides?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi - cheers for the look in.

    The balance is great - ya have to get used to the very soft turning and where the balance point is but really she is a dream on both sets.

    The top trucks make a real nice foot stop too, if she stops quick ya have to be nimble at not getting tripped but then that is what the different size wheels help to stop from happening.