Longboard Wall




I was looking for longboard racks for my new room. My sister got a Pinterest and found this awesome idea.

Step 1: Buy What You Will Need

You are gonna need:
1. nail gun w/ nails
2. Wood floor paneling
3. Some sort of rack
4. A empty wall
5. A ban saw.
6. Brown paint or lacquer to match your wood color

Step 2: Putting Up the Wall

Start at the top and work your way down. Put up a piece, nail it down (the small the nails in the nail gun, the better), get another piece to fit the rest of the wall, then just keep working your way down.

Step 3: Touch It Up

There might be little gaps in between some of the panels, just take a paint brush and some lacquer and go over them a few times, until the color matches your wood.

Step 4: Add Racks and Put Whatever You Want on It!

Go get some racks from Walmart or Home Depo. Screw then into the wall, and hang whatever you want in them! I built this walk specifically for longboards, but now, months later, it holds my longboards, my snowboard, and all of my books. This wall looks great and everyone always says it is awesome.



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    2 years ago

    They were snap together, but they would stick out at odd angles so we. Had to nail them them in every now and again.


    Nice looking mounting wall. Did you use "click lock" (snap together) panels or loose boards?