Longshot Custom Paint Mod

Introduction: Longshot Custom Paint Mod

About: I love building things, creating, developing concepts and trying them out, pushing the boundaries and see how far I can go, and I especially love ceramics (hand building).


more pictures at the end of the short tutorial.

Also, taping up stuff and coming up with ideas is the hardest part. Thought you should know, still worth it though.

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Step 1: Cover Areas Not Painted

First thing is to lightly sand everything, does not have to be the best, but do it and you'll be glad you did.

WARNING: Don't paint the inside of the dart and cartridge loading chamber and top of the cartridge.

Pic 1: tape areas that you don't want painted.

I obviously covered the gray and orange, and painted the the purple area

Pic 2: I covered the handgrip and painted the whole gun gray.

Pic 3: Not happy with the purple/gray style and redid all the gray areas.

Step 2: Tape Areas Not to Be Painted

Pic 1:I taped everything I wanted purple and gray; I added pin strip tape that I cut, covered the bullet chamber and cartridge chamber and muzzle inside.

I also taped the front of the gun and the top and some bottom. At the end of this is all the angles.

Pic 2: I sprayed pink onto a cardboard and brushed on the teeth looking parts. After all it is a girly girls gun.

Step 3: Finally, Let Dry and Peel the Tape Off

The finished product.

There are so many paints and manufacture that you can select from that can be used on plastic.

You pick what you want and what colors. I'm not going to tell you this part.

Step 4: More Photo Angles

Pic 5 has been clear matted that gave a variant frosty look. You don't have to go that far. vibrant look is better.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see what you can do.

Go and mod like a psycho.

Step 5: THE END. This Is the Sniper Girl Setup

This setup can go from sniper to assault in a quick twist.

However my daughter doesn't seem to care to much about the power of this gun.

Store bought, the longshots shoot like crap, but, only after modding the internals they shoot far.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    First off, I don't care how feminine that paint scheme may be. I would love to use it! Second, cool to hear that it's nodded.

    genetic inception
    genetic inception

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Jack, I felt that there weren't enough color schemes supporting girl's nerf artillery and the Rebelle doesn't cut it. so I made my daughter a one of a kind assault longshot mod.