Longshot Scope Making Tips

Introduction: Longshot Scope Making Tips

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This short tutorial will provide another option for placement of the glass B/F.

This is how short it can get.

This is a welding alternative to fullauto223's tutorial, which gave me the confidence to cut up my son's scope.

I apologize for not having actual cut pieces pictures, I somehow lost the three pics.

I used my jigsaw/metal cutting blade (locked it upside down; clamp), dremmel, sharpy and skinny tape.

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Step 1: Measure and Cut

So, assuming you are familiar now, with this type of work, measure the places you are going to cut. Try to cut clean so if you have to, you can use the extra pieces to assist in cut errors. I drew cutting line with tape all the way around.

Pic one: shows all the cut pieces and trims. I cut near the glass leaving 1/8" lip near the lens on both sides of the lens holder (Front glass).

I trimmed the eye piece (orange) shown leaning on the top of the scope there. It's not even 1/4" thick, it's just for looks, but it also works.

Pic 2: eye piece (orange) is standing next to the eye piece attachment (yellow / blck line), which I cut down and left less than 1/4" to slip the orange eye piece onto attachment.

Note: If you require a little more detail, check in with fullauto223's acog tutorial.

Step 2: Placement and Melt

Pic 1: I measured where I wanted the the two glass lenses and the angle I wanted.

I put the shell back together and taped everything in place including the lens and holder to see exact look.

Pic 2: shows where I used my soldering iron and melted the excess 1/8" plastic near the lens holder and scope housing edge. I melted the front lens holder from the outside while everything was assembled.

Pic 3: Shows the hole I used to tap weld the eye piece lens holder from the inside very very carefully.

Note: I just used my electronics soldering iron to tap weld where I could reach without melting everything else.

Also, notice the outside weld where I grind down excess plastic (You may not use all the excess plastic used to melt weld).

Step 3: Grind Down Extra Plastic

I grind down extra plastic close to the lens holder (There was some extra protruding ugly plastic sticking out). You might find that there is more extra plastic than you anticipated, that's ok because you will grind that away.

I sanded the grinding areas to smooth them out and the rest of the scope to paint.

I then wiped down everything, checked for any discrepancies and if none I sprayed primer to prep for painting.

I am painting this scope to match my son's black and gold longshot found in the painting tutorial along with the scope painting mod. I did this mod because kids would somehow command the hot glue to fall apart. AND I did not want to do this again.

I hope this gives you an easy more permanent melting alternative to hot gluing.

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