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Introduction: Loom Band Dog Collar Revamp

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so firstly the story(ies) behind this instructable...

I was browsing one of my favourite users profiles, when I saw a loomed dog collar, and thought it was Awesome (with a capital A), but as the author said, you couldn't walk your dog on it, some dogs would destroy it and I knew it wouldn't work for my younger dog as she has long hair most of the year and the bands would get stuck it in, so with loompiggytutorials ' permission I have created a dog collar with loom bands that shouldn't be as easily destroyed, can be walked with, and won't get stuck in my dogs hair!

second story: I was at Universal Studios, Florida in July and I decided as I love despicable me, and I'd been there I wanted to make it minion themed, if you want an instructable on how to make a minion bracelet, just say the word.

so basically none of this would've happened with loompiggytutorials so follow her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: this collar is NOT indestructible and should be worn only under supervision. the collar that is used as the base should fit the dog with a couple of fingers room. if you wish to walk the dog on this collar only do so if you trust the base collar.... enough disclaiming onto the collar!

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Step 1: You Will Need:

• loom bands (I'm using rainbow loom bands (the original) as they're latex free, and my dogs have A LOT of allergies)
• a staggered loom or (preferably) a monster loom
• a hook
• a dog collar
• a needle
• some thread
• basic sewing skills
• a dog

Step 2: Making the Loomed Design

first lay three bands across in figure of eight shapes (these are the ONLY twisted bands) then lay one across the top of all three bands, the lay three non twisted bands over the three twisted bands then one across the top, repeat this again!

Step 3: For Rainbow Loomers

if you're using a rainbow loom set it up like above (: it'll be a bit harder

Step 4: Hooking

now pull the bottom bands (the third ones down) over the other two on all eight pegs! this is the same as in a normal fishtail. now place three bands across then one across them then hook again and repeat until it fits along the main body of the collar

Step 5: Knots

now you have the right length pull a band through the end of the "bracelet" and pull it into a slip knot, then do the same to the starting end (sorry for lack of pictures forgot to take them :& )

Step 6: Placements!

place the loomed "creation" onto the collar and pull the ends of the slip knots over the ends!

sew the pulled over slip knot to the collar.
(you could glue instead of sew for this and the next step if you'd find it easier, but I don't know how strong that'd be..?)

Step 7: Sew Sew Sew!

now put a few stitches through the collar and between the loom bands to hold it on.

Step 8: Wear!

now put it on your pooch! have fun showing off your collar :) have fun :)

and a big thanks to loompiggytutorials!!! :)

have fun!!!!!

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    5 years ago

    thanks loompiggytutorials :)


    5 years ago

    I love it! Way better than mine! Can't wait to make it!!!