Loom Bands

Introduction: Loom Bands

Hi there today I will be showing you how to make a bracelet on the loom. Sorry if this has all ready be done but I'm going to show you anyway let's get on to the things that you are going to be needing.
I just want to tell you one last thing sorry if this has not been explained properly.

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Step 1: The Things You Will Need

You are going to be needing bands a hook a s clip or a c clip and the loom.

Step 2: Getting Started

Hopefully you will understand all of this. The first part is going to the first peg to the left peg and then going all the way up and the stop on the second last peg and then going to the right and then you will do the same thing the the other side go to the first peg and then to the right peg and all the way up and then stop when you get the second last peg and then go to the left and then you will just put a band going from the first peg and then all the way up.

Step 3: The Tricky Part

This is the part were you turn your loom around and you put a band on your 2 fingers and then you get it make a 8 and then put it back on it self and then you put that on the first middle peg (remember you have turned you loom around). And then you will get you hook and grab that first band that is on the first middle peg and get it and put it on the second Middle peg (back were it came from) and do the same thing go into the second middle peg and then grab the only band that is on there and then put it back to were it came from and then do that ALL the way up.
Then you want to go back to the first middle peg and then get the left one (the white one)
And then go all the way up. And then do the same thing to the right side.

Step 4: The Final Part

You are going to get you hook and go the the top last middle peg and put you hook through all the bands and the get a band and put it on the hook hold on to that band don't let it go and then you pull your hook back though all of the bands and then the same band you are holding put in the hook and then pull all of it off
Sorry if this is really stupidly explained
I'm really sorry about that

Step 5: The End

Hope you enjoyed this and sorry if it was not explained hopefully this all goes well for you and BYYEEa

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