Loom Bracelet Doubled Holes




It is sort of like a simple one but doubled its hard to explain enjoy tell me if it goes to fast it needs to be in a square position

Step 1: What You Will Need

- 1 loom hook
- 2 types of colour bands (depends on what you want it to look like)
- loom board in square position

Step 2: Step 1

Add the first band across

Step 3: Step 2

Add a diffrenent colour if you want going opposite

Step 4: Step 3

Then double it up of each colour once

Step 5: Step 4

Then take it off the pin and let it drop

Step 6: Step 5

Do it again on the other side and put another band on the same pegs

Step 7: Step 6

Then do it again but with the diffrenent colour and remember always add bands on keep going until it fits your wrist

Step 8: So Far

It should look something like this so far

Step 9: One More Band

Add one more band to the next colour and loom the last two so there is at least one band on each peg

Step 10: Close to the End

Add t all to the one peg

Step 11: Finished

Now you should be finished put an s clip on the bands and down the bottom there will be a loose band on the bottom just add it to the other end



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