Loom Hook Decor

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Step 1: Intro

Hello I'm going to make a Loom hook decor perfect for Looming with bands it's like so colorful and I many patterns

Step 2: What We Need

We need Any color rubber bands a hook only crochet hook a plastic hook is too small and in different shape

Step 3: Different Patterns

I am going to make in 2-3 different pattern to show to be creative

Step 4: Pattern 1

Circle patterns And first I'm going too show you how to make a circle patterns

Step 5: Pattern 1(cont)

So make an cap band like this on the loom make an very tight cap band not a loose one then make put it no the back of the hook like pic 1 then make it or in a pattern or your fav colors

Step 6: My Pattern

I'm making mine like in pic one in my fav colors

Step 7: If You Didn't Like That Try This

Now this one is not similar Maybe a little I'm going to make only 2 sorry so the next is in the next step :)

Step 8: Last Step Almost

So take an cap band and put it on the loom and stretch it like pic one and do this till the end




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