Loom Skeleton Hand

Introduction: Loom Skeleton Hand

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Okay, I know Halloween isn't for a while, but I couldn't wait to post this! It's a super cool skeleton hand that can be worn on any occasion! Okay, maybe not=)

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Let's gather the supplies...
Skeleton Hand:
•Lots of Rubber Bands
•1 s-clip or c-clip
•Moveable Loom (Or a normal one, I guess)
•Optional: 25 Beads

Step 2: Take Two (2) Bands

Step 3: Put It On

Place these double bands in the left side of your loom.

Step 4: Take Two More

Step 5: Bead It

Place the two beads through the bead.

Step 6: Then Put It on Your Loom

Step 7: Skip and Repeat

Place double bands on the loom and loop another bead. Repeat this process until you reach your desired length.

Step 8:

Step 9:

Step 10:

Step 11: Cap Band

Place a cap band onto the last peg and wrap it around that peg twice.

Step 12: Twist

Step 13: Place

Step 14: I'm Going In!

Go into your cap band and grab the two rubber bands that will go forward.

Step 15: Like This

Step 16: Repeat

Loom as if it were a triple single all the way.

Step 17: Remove

Step 18: First Finger Done

Now your first finger is done. Repeat the finger making process until you have five fingers. Lengths may vary.

Step 19: Off to the Side

Put your finger onto a long, slim object for later.

Step 20:

Step 21: Second Finger Done

Step 22:

Step 23: Third...

Step 24:

Step 25: Fourth...

Step 26:

Step 27: And Fifth

Step 28: Only Movables?

I made mine on a rainbow loom, but it is possible to do this next part on any loom.=) When you have loomed half of the bracelet part, remove from the loom and place it to the side. Make another half. Before looming the second half, place the first half at the end and loom like normal.

Step 29: For Movables...

Take your loom apart and take two rows. Place them end to end on a sturdy surface.

Step 30: Place a Single Band

Step 31: Go Down 3 More Times

Step 32: Place a Single Band Through the End

Step 33: Place on Loom As Shown

Step 34: Down Four

Step 35: Place Another Finger

Step 36: Down Four...

Step 37: Another Finger

Step 38: Down Four and Another Finger

Step 39: Down Four and the Last Finger

Step 40: Another Cap Band

Add a cap band to the end and wrap around twice.

Step 41: Twist

Step 42: Place

Step 43: Go Into the Cap Band

Step 44: Bring the Band at the Bottom Forward

Step 45: Loom Like Normal All the Way Down

Step 46: Add Clip

Step 47: Remove

Step 48: Attach

Step 49: Place Around Your Wrist

Yes, this will be very loose, but it's for a reason=)

Step 50: Onto the Thumb

Put the end of the first finger onto your thumb.

Step 51: Repeat

Repeat this on all fingers.

Step 52: Boo! XD

Did I scare you? No? Oh=( Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy your spooky new "glove"! =P

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    52 steps..


    5 years ago

    It looks really cool and fun to wear but, it looks a little tight on your hand.. Because of your thumb. But other than that good job! I love your ideas and instructables=)


    5 years ago

    Yeah, me either, but its easy and simple and if you don't want to buy a Halloween costume, you can just wear these=)