Loom Band Necklace

Introduction: Get Starting and the Things We Need

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First I am telling you the things we need is the first pic And the rest are getting started

So first thing is we need too have 3 beads all different or same and we need a middle bead it has to be big it will come at the middle of you necklace it can be of any shape so first don't tie a knot anywhere we will do that at the end take the middle bead I will be calling it a charm so put the charm in the string

Step 1: The Beads......

This the beads like all the beads have too be different like in pic 1 or you have a option to make a pattern with the beads like pic 2 bur I am going to make like pic 1 pic 1 and 2 are examples all is up to you

Step 2: Putting the Loom Ropes

Now you have 6 Band like they all have a slot type of thing hold the 2 bands that are shaped like Butterfly wings like in pic 1 and put them in the String while holding it so the rubber bands don't come out like in pic 2 there should be 3 on each side put them all on the string

Step 3: Last Step

We are done just tie a knot or hook it at the end and if it is small you can add more string Pic 1 is the final I hoped you enjoyed it please comment if yes and one last thing you can edit it as you want

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    thanks please make it and send a pic