Loomband Gold Medal Key Ring

Introduction: Loomband Gold Medal Key Ring

This is my second Loomband instructable but this time I'm doing something a little different.
A key ring Loomband.
This is a charm and it's meant to be small.

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Step 1: What You Need:

What you will need:
1. Loom Bands
2. Loom
3. A loom stick
4. S or C clips

Step 2: Making the Medal Charm

1. Place two twisted loom bands in the shape of the infinity sign on the loom so the inner side of each loom band is overlapping one another.
2. Add two more loombands but this time not twisted overlapping in the middle with each other.
3. Pull the outer side of each loom band over the top of the other loom band.
4. Then pull the bottom inner side of the loom band over the middle, then pull the top one over the middle as well.
5. Repeat this process but make sure the first loom band(the infinity shaped one) is the only twisted one.
6. Then once the double single is about 1cm long and a bit use a S or C clip and put it on one end and connect it to the other end.
7. Loosen one of the loombands used in the double single and wrap a different coloured loom band around it then make a normal single from there.
8. Once you've made the single secure the end with a S or C clip and attach a black or different coloured loom band to that.

Step 3: Finished

Now that your finished hang this on your bag or place it on the neck of your favourite miniature figurine!
Enjoy! :)

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