Loop Buttoner




Originally used to fasten Buttons it would be fed through a Buttonhole, hooked around the Button and pulled back through the Hole, this makes a useful Tool for many Types of Knot-Tying.

Step 1: Gather Your Material

You need a Handsbreadth perforated Metall-Strip and a Cubit of Wire.

Step 2: Cut the Metall Strip

To cut the Metall-Strip pinch both Sides with a Bolt-Cutter and bend fore and back until snapped off.

Step 3: Cut the Corners

Use a File to Round-Off all sharp Edges.

Don't forget the Holes.

Step 4: Cut the Wire

Cut off about a Cubit of Wire.

If you use Electrical-Wire strip off the Insulation.

Step 5: Bend in Half

Take the Ends together and bend in Half.

Leave a round Loop do not bend sharp, it would be difficult to push Strings through.

Step 6: Attatch Wire to Handle

Weave the Wire into the Metall-Strip.

Do one End at a Time and use Pliers to pull and push the Wire flat.

If desired leave the last Hole free to attach a String or hang on a Nail.

Cut the Wire in the Middle of the last Hole so the Ends don't stick out on the other Side

Step 7: Use It

Use it to pull Cord through Knots when you do Mats, Turks-Heads or similar,

to keep Twine-Balls together just pull the End through.

A Hint:

If you use Copper Wire you can hammer to stiffen and anneal to soften it.



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