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The thing I wanted so bad for Christmas was a rainbow loom. So when I opened my present and got just what I wanted, I immediately got to work making bracelets that I'd watched videos on. Ever since I started watching those videos I got ideas in my head for my very own Rainbow Loom bracelets, one of them was what I call now, the "Loopy Stripes" bracelet. Through work and failures I have finally perfected my bracelet. If you have seen any bracelet similar to this, please let me know in the comments. Enjoy!


Step 1: What You Need

To make this bracelet, you will need: 28 "A" (black) colored bands, 6 "B" (green) colored bands, 6 "C" (blue) colored bands, a rainbow loom with the hook, and a c- clip

Step 2: Single Chain

First, make sure the red arrow is pointing away from you. Afterward, take your "A" colored band and stretch it from the bottom pin, to the left pin above it. Then take another band and stretch it to the next pin. This is also known as the "single chain" and is very easy to do. Once you've reached the second-to-end pin of that row, stretch your next band from the end, into the center top pin. Now go all the way back to the bottom of the loom and do the exact same thing except on the right side of the loom. it should kind-of look like a tall hexagon.

Step 3: Triangles!

Onto the next step. This is the unique part of this bracelet. First take your "B" colored band and stretch it onto the bottom pin on the left and the bottom pin on the right. Afterward stretch the top of the band onto the center pin above the other two. This should form a triangle shape. Now take a "C" colored band and do the exact same thing on the pins above the triangle you just made. Do this pattern until the end of the loom where you can't go any further.

Step 4: Cap Band

This part is quite simple. First, take an "A" colored band and twist it into a figure 8. Now bring one "O" of the figure eight onto the finger with the other "O." In other words, turn it back upon itself. Then place it onto the far center pin, the one that is not near the red arrow.

Step 5: Looping!

It's now time to loop! Were going to start by single-chaining (if that's even a word) the left side first. With your hook, push back the cap band and the triangle band and grab the first "A" band. Pull it over and attach it to the pin on the left. Now do your average single chain up the left side of the loom by always grabbing the bottom "A" band and bringing it over and looping it to the one above. Once you've done the left side, loop your last band into the center pin. Now do the exact same thing on the right side, push back the cap band and the triangle band and grab the bottom "A" band and bring it up, over, and onto the pin on the right. Then single chain all the way up the right side of the loom. Once you get to the end, loop your last band into the center pin.

Step 6: Looping! 2

Now that you're done the single-chaining. We need to loop the triangles. This is a very unique process. Start at the bottom of the loom. With your hook, push back the cap band and grab the "C" colored triangle band. Pull the band over to the next center pin above it. Then grab the "B" colored band under the band you just looped and pull it over onto the center pin above it. Make sure that the bands are not caught on the pins and are going up the middle. Now repeat this process until you can't loop anymore.

Step 7: Pulling-off

Once you've looped the last triangle you're almost ready to pull it off. Simply put you hook into the last pin and tilt it out to the side. Make sure that all the bands are on the hook. Then take an "A" colored band and hook it onto the end. While holding the other end of the band, pull the hook under and through the bands and connect the two ends of the "A" colored band onto the hook. Then just slide it up, onto the thickest part of the hook and pull the bracelet off! Be careful while pulling and help it along with your fingers because if you pull too hard, a rubber band might brake.

Step 8: Expanding

Once you have pulled the bracelet off, you will notice that there is a loose band, you can just cut that off. This bracelet is not big enough to fit a wrist yet so we need to extend it. To extend it, have the red arrow pointing away from you and put down about 5 or 6 "A" colored bands in a single chain pattern. Then locate your cap band on your bracelet and stretch it over the last band and the one behind it. Now you can do the single chain looping until the end. Once you get to the end, stretch that band onto the center pin. Now you can attach a C-clip to the outer band. Once this is all done, you can pull the extension off. To finish the bracelet , slide your two fingers into the band that is attached to the hook and pull the hook away, then simply attach the c-clip to the band in your fingers. You're finally done now!

Step 9: Wear and Enjoy!

Wear your bracelet on your wrist and enjoy! I hope you liked this instructable that I made. If you did, and even if you didn't, please vote for me In the "Bracelet" contest! Thanks!

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I really like it ! Great design.


Thank you very much for this very well taken photos!And your design is amazing!


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the bracelet is simply superb!


4 years ago on Introduction

There is a lot easier way to make this stuff go to hannah1206 and follow then I will tell you a super easy 5 STEP bracelet EXACTLY like this!!!


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your step by step is great and easy to follow

hope your going to make new ones and post them soon

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I did this but it messed up and it Turns out... i made up a new bracelet! hoping to post a tutorial.. follow me to see how it turns out as a tutorial!! it is like a cross between starburst and double X.