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I enjoy tea multiple times a day, and I just started getting into drinking delicious loose teas. My boyfriend brought me home from Florida some amazing loose tea blends from a store called Teavana. However, my tea ball broke.

This is a great, quick, and easy way to make a disposable tea bag for my loose tea leaves. It takes only a matter of minutes, and are perfect for single serve tea's. The best thing is that it is made from coffee filters which is always in our house.

Once you complete this you will have a cute teabag, which mimics the shape of a Lipton Teabag, and filled with your own personal tea leaves! Enjoy your tea <3

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Step 1: Materials

What you need:

Loose Tea Leaves

Coffee filter



Extra: String

Step 2: Cutting the Coffee Filter

Start by cutting two sides off of the coffee filter. This should give you a rectangular shape. 

Start by cutting a small amount off the sides and testing the loose teas. I have cut the width of one too many tea bags too small and did not have proper room for the tea leaves.

Step 3: Add in Your Tea Leaves

Now, take the proper amount of tea leaves and spoon them into the center of the cut filter paper. Spread the leaves out along the length of the paper, leaving space along the edges.

Make sure to leave a space in the center of the paper with no tea leaves. This space is where the tea bag will be folded in half in the next step.

Next, fold the two cut sides in towards the middle of the bag evenly. You may need to move some of the loose tea a bit to properly fold the bag. Try and overlap the two folds. If they are overlapped a bit, when they expand in the hot water the tea bags wont open and release all the loose tea into your water.

Step 4: Final Fold and Staple

Finally, fold the tea bag in half along the center line of empty space you made. Fold the tea bag so that the folded sides are on the inside of the fold.

Finally, make a small fold at the top of the open filter. Then fold the excess top of the filter down and staple.

If you want, before you staple the fold down you can add a string to the tea bag. If you do not have string handy, just place the tea bag as is in your tea cup and fish it out with your spoon when you are ready to remove it.

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5 years ago

Great improvising skills. I hope your boy friend has picked out a nice replacement tea ball to put in your Christmas stocking. Thanks for posting.


6 years ago on Introduction

I have been making mine from a brown coffee filter, but hadn't quite gotten down the shape correctly. Thanks for the good idea. These are biodegradable and sure beats the heck out of buying already bagged tea. Perhaps I'll staple a string with a bead on it to keep the bag from sinking.


6 years ago on Introduction

I never seen this idea before and it occurred to me to use a coffee filter. I put four teaspoons into a coffee filter and used a wire-tie to close. Boiled four cups of water, put my bag of tea into teapot and then added the boiling water and then steeped for four minutes (my preferred steeping time.). It tasted great. I then decided to check the internet to see if others have heard of this idea and sure enough...here it is.


7 years ago on Introduction

I drink Green Tea from Sri Lanka that comes in loose leaf ; this really helped me. Thank you!


7 years ago on Step 4

Thanks for a great idea.

Works for coffee :) - Great if you're going away or camping and want filter coffee and you only have a kettle. Pre pack a whole lot and take them with.

definitly going to try this with tea and make my own spiced & flavoured teas,
just a lil bit of this and a little bit of thatshould do the trick :)

Thanks again for sharing.


7 years ago on Step 2

I made one of these today and it worked quite well, While I have one of those "IngenuiTEA" gadgets which work just fine but are a PITA to take apart, clean, and then put back together. So I liked this idea to be able to make a quick "single" cup of tea.

When I made mine I just skipped trimming the excess off and just overlapped it more. Should make it easier to add more tea per bag as well.

Very useful ible :)

Hmm, I am not a coffee drinker, but I can't see why it would not work. I guess only way to really see is to grind up some coffee and try it out. If it does work, then this would be great for say camping.

Hmm I may have to test it out on my dad (since I don't drink coffee). If you try it out, let me know how it works?

Great idea by the way, I never once thought about doing this for coffee!

for coffee bagsuse superfine grind, like an espresso grind, but brown coffee. then the stuff will brew fast enough, like turkish coffee.

As far as tea is concerned, I have lots of loose teas...
How I never thought of doing this. wow I am mad at myself. I hate floaters as well and use a tea strainer, when I make pots of tea. (make tea in one container and strain into a teapot (preheated please)


great idea.



This is simply genius. Great job! My coffee pot uses the cone filters, but I can always get the other you have, I am sure they are super cheap. I was lucky enough to find a box of natural fiber biodegradable loose tea bags at a thrift store a few years ago and I'm still using them. But this is great in a pinch!


8 years ago on Introduction

Great idea! I had thought of doing this myself many times, and have never gotten around to tinkering with it. I've been a loose leaf tea drinker for agesss, and while I love my different steeping methods, the "on the go" versions still never seem easy enough, and I don't want to buy bagged tea just for those occasions.

Thanks for posting a useful 'ible :)


8 years ago on Introduction

This is the kind of 'Ible that you read and think "Why did I not think of this myself?"

And then your brain starts slapping you mightily behind your head " Because you are an IMBECIL! (SLAP) a Loafer! (SLAP) No good doer! (SLAP) Now thank the kind Lady for using her brain and sharing it with you! IDIOT!"

Thank you for sharing M'lady, two thumbs up and a patch ( no more hitting please brain) ^_^"


(Auch...) >_<"

2 replies

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Nicely done! When you said "...your brain starts slapping you..." I think of those heartburn adverts where the food smacks them in the face whenever they try to take a bite... :-)

That was an interesting comment, but i do know exactly how that feels myself. Me and my sister make this comment all the time when we see new simple products that sell for millions. Our biggest brain slaps was with the snuggies. A family of engineers and math majors in varied fields couldnt turn a robe around and think, hey.., we could name this and market this to the public. Its brilliant! Bah my brain still slaps itself sometimes for it.

But thank you for the patch, it was truley appreciated! <3