Lorac Pro Palette Night Out or Everyday Makeup Look

Introduction: Lorac Pro Palette Night Out or Everyday Makeup Look

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Everyday makeup look using the lorac pro palette can also be worn on a night out.

1.First i primed my face and then used the maybeline foundation and blended this into my face making sure i left no harsh lines

2. I then filled in my brows using the collection brow kit.

3. I then concealed and highlighted my face using the maybeline lumi touch and blended this out. I then set this using the laura mercier.

4. I then contoured my face using the define and conquer contour kit and then blended all my face to make sure there's no harsh lines.

5. Now onto eyes using the lorac pro palette using the white to prime my eyes and add a base to my lids. Then grabbing a beige colour i blend this into my crease and 3/4 of my lid from the outside inwards. Then grabbing the golden colour i add this onto my lids and also blend this into my lids. Now adding a dark brown i concentrate this into my crease and outer corner of my eye to create some dimension to my eyes. I then go over my eye with the correct colour just encase any was lost when adding the other colours.

6. Now for under my eyes i used the beige colour to blend this on my bottom lash line. I finish the eyes off with mascara and some fake lashes.

7. Then onto blush i grab the peachy pink colour and put this onto the apples of my cheeks

8. To finish this off i grab my nude lipstick and gloss.

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