DIY Lord of the Rings Inspired String Chain

Introduction: DIY Lord of the Rings Inspired String Chain

I got the inspiration to make this instructable from the movie Lord of the Rings. When I watched that movie after that I also wanted to have the chain like that in the movie, but at that time I didn't got this idea. But when I seen a contest in instructables i got this idea to make it .

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Step 1: Things Used

  1. Thread
  2. Ring
  3. Scissor

Step 2:

First of all we need to take thread which is strong so that it don't get cut. Then cut the thread according to your measurement as per you like.

Then take the ring & put it through the thread and make a knot at the end of the thread.

It's ready to wear

Color threads can also be used as per your choice.

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    4 years ago

    this is a really great and usefull instructable!!!! it's so unbelievable... i really have to try this.... sometimes.... if i had tryed every other boaring instructable on