Lost Your DS Stylus? I Know I Have!

Introduction: Lost Your DS Stylus? I Know I Have!

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today I will be making a finger stylus for any type of DS. The following substances will be needed. (Picture) P.S that is card stock.

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Step 1: Sculpt to Finger

first cut out a piece of card stock that is a bit longer your finger. Wrap it around the finger, but not to tight, and then wrap a layer of any kind of tape around it but not scotch.

Step 2: Coloring Is Not for Kids!

Now color the spots that the tape missed. Fairly easy!

Step 3: Glueing Is Definitly Not for Kids!

now insert a eraser into the hole that your finger does NOT go in to and glue in the shown areas. Note that you must use super super super glue for this. and the more the tip of the eraser is rounded the better. and that is your finger stylus! Please comment!

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