Lotion Saver

I live in Colorado where it tends to be dry and so I'm a lotion girl. I hate when my lotion's getting low and that I can't see in the bottle to know how much is left. And lotion can be expensive. Here's a simple way to get it out of the bottle (ALL OF IT).

Needed - utility knife or regular knife or scissors and some kind of jar or container.

I left my lotion bottle on its back for about a day, giving it some time to settle in one place. Then take your sharp object and cut a portion out of the lotion bottle to reveal whatever lotion is left. Now scoop it out and put it in your jar or container. I used an old Vitamin E jar. Now I can use every bit of that left over lotion.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! I cut open plastic containers sometimes to get to whatever luscious liquids are still trapped inside!

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