Lotus Lamp "Knappa" IKEA Lamp Hack

Introduction: Lotus Lamp "Knappa" IKEA Lamp Hack

Hey Everyone!
This is my first Instructable, so be as constructively critical as possible :D

I bought a Knappa Lamp in the most wonderful place in the world - the "as is" section in IKEA... for $10 :) (it's normally $30)

I tried hanging it up in my apt several times, the ceiling is metal with that acoustic popcorn crap, and I tried everything from trying to drill into the metal, command strips, nails, staples, glue, duct tape, levitation, you name it...
So instead of hanging it, why not make it stand up on its own? and upside down? Why Not?

So the first step- make yourself a mojito.
1/2 can sprite, 2 oz bacardi, ice, 1tsp sugar -12 mint leaves and 1/4 lime muddled together- its shaken, not stirred.
Well, maybe its not a real step, but that's what I did :D

Step 1: Tools Needed

So here are the ingredients:

1- Knappa Lamp from Ikea
    If you bought it from the as-is section, disassemble it, keep each row of "petals" together
1- Wire Cutter/Needle Nose Plier
Some Copper Tubing from salvage yard
    (unless you're like me and hoard copper for projects, then you have some already)
Copper Wire at Various Widths, definitely need a thin variety
Light bulb (a colored one may be better)

Step 2: Sculpting the Base

The base is made from the copper tubing, I think the one I had came from a fridge.
Bend the metal tubing until you create a larger circle with 1/3 of it. Make it as flat as possible.
The rest bend it to create a smaller circle and a straight stem, the circle needs to be smaller than the width as the plastic top (Now the base) where the cord meets the bulb holder.

I threw in an extra loop for fun, totally optional. My measurements are not exact, I am an artist...

Step 3: Begin Assembly

The photos may be the most help at this moment-
Flip the copper tubing over, and place on top of the plastic frame of the light. The cord should go through the center. Use a thinner wire to wrap around the copper and the plastic frame, so that the copper circle doesn't move. I did it around most of the spokes, to make sure it held.

Once its all tied together, flip over and make sure its balanced. The cord is a little long, so I wrapped it around my base.

Step 4: Leaf!

Okay, so I know that this is NOT to scale, but it is what I had. I created a leaf out of two thicknesses of copper wire. This is very optional, and just for fun.

One: Create leaf outline, leave a "stem" to wrap onto base later.
Two: Bend up and down, look at photos to see why
Three: Twist and tie on 6-7 thinner wires at the "Stem"
Four: Fan out wires, keep a curve to them
Five: Take a wire, to the top of one of your bends (look at photo), and wrap it around, until it looks kinda like a vine, and you run out of wire.
Six: Repeat for all 6-7, use scrap wire to fill in any gaps on the rim of wrapped wire (see photo)
Seven: Tie to base

Step 5: Petals

When I got to this point, I took the time to clean all the parts, which took a while. But it's almost done at this point.

Now we have to arrange the petals. the smaller ones have a groove, that goes on the top- those pieces are last. Start at the bottom and push the petals onto the pegs of the frame and over-lapping (see photo). Each row has 5 petals, there are 8 rows.
This seems daunting, but it goes quick.

Once complete, plug it in and see your work of art! A colored light bulb is my next addition...
Happy Instructing!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    The first step should be the first step of every craft project!