Lounge/Coffee Table on Wheels




Introduction: Lounge/Coffee Table on Wheels

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After i made my lounge sofa i needed a new fitting lounge/coffee table.

very simple from radiata pine 18mm 2,1 meters long (approx 7ft) and 80cm wide (2ft. 8"inches) and 35cm high (1ft 2"inches)

i cut the wood at a 45 degree angle and glued the table together. i used the cutting table from a friend. u need to get it exactly right with the measurements or it wont fit correctly. added some wheels and paint to taste.

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    What a cool idea, do you have images of your build? I would love to see this as a step-by-step instructable.



    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    i sorry to say that i dont have any more pics. i only started making pics after i finished sawing the wood an glued the table together. maybe i can do a miniature build and explain the priciples later on.