Lousily Engraved Titanium Ring




This is the first time I engraved a ring.

Step 1:

This is a hand-made ring made of TC4 titanium ring. One day i figured it a little bit dull and rigid, hence I decided to make some decorations on it.

The tools I used are a electric drill and a diamond grinding bit which is shown in the 3rd pic. A little chisel also helped but i used it very little.

Here is the process. I've chosen the motif of infinity for its implication is awesome.

Having drawn the motif inside the ring, I fixed it in a vise. Since I have no experience, in the beginning I grinded several points, planning to connect them afterwards. When I finished about five points I recalled that I have a little chisel, then I used the chisel but the titanium alloy is so hard to chisel so I only chiselled a very shallow contour of the motif which is thin as hair ,then used the very heavy electric drill to deepen it. then I anodized it with a laptop adapter which provided 19v voltage.

Here is the finished piece. the little goldish color inside the motif is the result of anodizing.And the rough contour you can find the trace of the initial points or round pits i've made.

Thanks for watching. I still want to modify it to make it look better. Any suggestion is welcome.

I‘m not from an English speaking area, so apart from the lousy engraving, thanks again for standing my lousy language.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, that's not too bad! For engraving by hand, on the inside of the ring, I think that looks pretty good!

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    For a first engraving job, you did very well!

    Especially considering that you could not have chosen a more difficult metal to engrave!

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks!I really love the luster of titanium so I didn’t choose anything else.