Love Crackers

Introduction: Love Crackers

The night is young

The play you went to see was Romeo and Juliet.

You get home, you get out the cheese dried fruit and NO CRACKERS!!!!!

Quickly you pull from the cupboard your trusty contact toastie maker.

You thank the stars you bought the flat one and not the ribbed one. You pause to hope the moderators let that one through.

In the cupboard you find

  • plain flour,
  • salt and pepper
  • dried herbs
  • spray oil
  • Whatever else you think might get you off the hook
  • - garlic salt? ...we'll see..

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Step 1: Mix Some Batter

Quickly you mix a couple of heaped tablespoons of plain flour with a little water and a few grinds of salt till you get a nice dribbly consistency

You artfully dribble a couple of heart shapes and circles on the contact grill and close the lid.

Step 2: Make Another Flavour

While you are waiting for the first lot to cook you decide to mix it up a bit - you take a pinch of the dried herbs and rub them between your fingers over the batter so you release the aromas and grind them up a bit.

Stir them through

By now the first lot is cooked you throw on a second lot.

Step 3: The Payoff

Repeat till you have enough - Get creative with the shapes. Check the ones you have made. If any of them are a litte rubbery throw them back in the toaster.

Serve romantically with nice cheeses and dried fruit. Here we have some Maasdam and some Mainland Aged cheddar with some succulent dates.

Stare into your loved one's eyes and wait for the words you know she is going to say...

"I hope you are going to clean up after yourself in the kitchen- I'm not cleaning up after you again."

You say back the words you know she wants to hear.

"I already put the grill in the cupboard, the unused ingredients in the pantry and the dirty bowls in the dishwasher dear"

These words are the aphrodisiac no wife of 17 years can resist. Magic ensues.

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