Love Heart Comb

Introduction: Love Heart Comb

Hi all.This is a comb I made a while ago and I thought I would share it on here. It's my first Instuctable, so sorry if I'm not clear enough with the instructions.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools


All you need is a small piece of thin board. I used a leftover scrap of ceiling board. It's about 10mm thick and 85mm x 130mm


A carving or hobby knife

A coping saw

A hand drill it can be electric or manual (the manual ones are a lot more fun to use)

A vice

A pencil and ruler


Step 2: Design

I like how some Welsh love spoons use lock and key designs so I incorporated them into my handle.

I had tried to mark out the prongs(?) or teeth of the comb, but I kept making them too thin so I just did it by eye later.

Step 3: Teeth

I decided to have ten teeth on the comb. I drilled nine holes with a 4mm drill bit where i wanted my teeth to begin. Then cut out between them with the coping saw. I was a bit impatient and rushed my sawing so it's a bit rough looking.

Also at this point I drilled and cut out the key hole.

Step 4: Shaping

Now using a knife I carved the outer shape of the comb.

Then using the drill make pilot holes to carve between the heart and the keys.

You could do all the shaping with the coping saw but I like the rustic look of the knife carving.

At this point I also used the knife to taper the teeth down.

Step 5: Sanding and Finishing

Now my least favorite part. Sand down all the rough parts. Go as fine as your patience allows.

Just before sanding i decided to use a small u scorp to carve below the heart. I was going to leave it smooth but then thought it could use a bit of texture.

Finish with a wood stain, polish or varnish that you like, and we;re done.

Step 6: Trial

Find someone in need of a comb and try it out.

After it almost got stuck in my own hair i decided to give it away. Some hair just isn't comb compatible.

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