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Lesson Overview:

Now we'll finish up our Love-o-meter!

Step 1: Assemble the Love-o-Meter

If you are using an Arduino kit, you can create an interface for your sensor for people interact with.

A paper cutout in the shape of a hand is a good indicator. If you’re feeling lucky, create a set of lips for someone to kiss, see how well that lights things up! You might also want to label the LEDs to give them some meaning. Maybe one LED means you’re a cold fish, two LEDs means you’re warm and friendly, and three LEDs means you’re too hot to handle!

  1. Cut out a piece of paper that will cover the breadboard. Draw a set of lips where the sensor will be, and cut some circles for the LEDs to pass through.
  2. Place the cutout over the breadboard so that the lips cover the sensor and the LEDs fit into the holes. Press the lips to see how hot you are!
  3. Congratulations on completing your analog input project! What else could you sense using the analog input pin, besides temperature?

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