Love Wire Table Centerpiece

Introduction: Love Wire Table Centerpiece

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To start with, this idea of turning and twisting wire into love is not at all original but the whole thing was just a visualization turned to a final fab centerpiece.
This can be placed on table tops right besides lampshades or in front of some focus too as the love reflection looks really good. Ofcourse, thinking different variants will end up with many beautiful options.
Also u can gift it to someone special for new years or Christmas etc. (spread a smile)
So this is how it goes..........

Step 1: Materials

materials are all u can find around u easily and anywhere,

1.Wire: wire shouldn't be very hard or very soft,should be mountable enough also should stay stiff when twisted and turned. i have used connecting wires used in electronic circuits.
2.Hearts: hearts i have used are made up of red handmade paper with lil shinny surface.
3.Cardsheet: size of it can vary according to the proportions of the love characters made.

Step 2: Love Characters

1. Hold the connecting wire and turn it slowly to form L, Next keep swirling twisting bending turning the wire to form O V E.
2.glue the connecting wire ends with hearts to hide it
3.mark the slit on the cardsheet by placing the hearts and seeing if the words looks straight and proper
4. cut the slits and glue the hearts into the slits
5.make any changes if required.

PS:(please try placing the piece erect and make changes if any)

Step 3: Centerpiece

and VOILA! done and its ready to be gifted :)

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    6 years ago

    It would be nice to make a jig to help shape the letters.