Loveable Hedgehogs


Introduction: Loveable Hedgehogs

From Cascade Yarns: 109 Tweed LE (body), Moda-Dea Zing: black and red (fur), grey scrap wool (paws) and size 11 circular needles two hedgies were born...
I used the Huggable Hedgehogs pattern from Fiber Trends that I purchased at Lambspun of Colorado.

Since this was my first "real" project the first hedge was difficult and required alot of starting over. The counting is crucial! I liked the shape but neither hedge felted very well with the yarn I used, but they are soft and have personality. Also, on the first one I picked up the "fur" the wrong way around and did it backwards-it worked but was confusing. I needle felted the eyes and nose since they were gifts and a baby is in the household.
My sister-in-law did one with color changing yarn that was very cute!
They also make adorable storage (aka hiding places) for extra yarn!!



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    11 Discussions

    I am obssessed with hedgehogs!!! These are so awesome!!!!!!!!!! +1 rating

    They're an absolutely cuddly couple!! I know a few kids that would love to snuggle up with these hedgehogs. I especially like that they look soft and huggable.

    Those little guys are adorable! I love their fuzz. ;)

    These hedgehogs are absolutely amazing. I love them. Great job!

    Aww- how cute! You know, my son would like one of those.....