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Introduction: Lovely Upcycled Frame

This is a really lovely, simple, upcycled frame. It is pretty easy to make with just a handful of materials, some of which your average crafter may already have on hand. I really enjoyed making this and am super happy with the results. I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this project you will need:

Wooden picture frame- I went with an 8x10 (with or without glass, depending on what you are putting in it)

A scrap or two of medium grit sand paper

White spray paint

Silver spray paint

Cardboard egg carton

A pair of good all purpose scissors (not your good sewing ones)

Paint brush

Paint for flower "petals" (your choice of color)

Paint for leaves (your choice of color)

Glue gun

A couple glue sticks

Assorted acrylic "gems"- I used oval ones

Step 2: Sanding the Frame

NOTE: If you have glass in your frame, remove the back, being sure not to break the tabs that hold it on. Then carefully remove the glass and set it in a safe place till the end of the project.

The finished project has a slightly distressed look. With that in mind, using a medium grit sand paper sand the front and sides of the frame, just to remove the finish to make it easier for the paint to adhere. You can sand the back too if you are planning to paint the back also. I opted not to, as It likely wont be seen.

Once frame has been sanded wipe off all dust with a damp cotton towel.

Step 3: First Coat of Paint

Paint the frame with the white paint. Make sure you have an even, solid coat, but not thick. You want it to dry pretty quickly as you work on the next step of the project.

NOTE: Depending how much you sand the silver coat the white may or may not show through. I like to use it mainly as a base coat to make the silver brighter.

Step 4: Time to Get Cutting

First cut or gently tear away the lid and closure flap, setting the flap aside for the next step. Cut your egg carton apart, so that each cell is separate. I find it easier to cut them into strips of two and then cut them again.

Step 5: Cutting the "Petals" and Leaves

Draw four petals on each of the cells then cut. You may also free cut (without pre-drawing), if you wish. Once you have all your petals cut, use the closure flap to cut four leaves.

NOTE: Trimming the pointy, jagged tops first may make it easier to cut your petals. Also, petals and leaves do not have to be perfect. The rough cutting adds to the charm.

Step 6: Paint Coat # 2 - Yay, Silver!

Alright, just like we did with the first coat of paint, we want to add an even, solid coat of silver. This coat should be equal to or a little lighter than the white, depending on how much if any, you want to show through.

Let the frame dry again as we move on to the next step.

Step 7: Time to Add Some Color

Paint all petals inside and out and paint leaves front and back.

You can paint more than one coat if you want your flowers more opaque. I like being able to see a little of the cardboard through mine.

Step 8: Distress the Paint

Very lightly sand the silver coat. Sand just enough to add some scratches and wear off a little of the paint on the edges and ridges.

Set aside.

Step 9: Building Our Blossoms

Each section of blossom has four petals. Take the first section blossom and spread the petals open a little. Then layer two more sections, make sure to rotate each section so that the petals fall between the others. You do not want them to line up exactly, or your flower will not be full or look much like a flower.

NOTE: They may tear a little between the petals but you can snip them a little between each petal to help them separate if you prefer a cleaner line

Step 10: Assembling the Flowers

Once you have your blossoms layered the way you want, remove just the top section and squeeze a little hot glue onto the middle section underneath then replace the top layer and press together. After a couple seconds lift the glued sections off the bottom section and add another blob of glue. Replace the top glued section and press. Then pinch the whole flower between your thumb and forefinger and press together to make sure all layers are securely glued together. Repeat with remaining blossoms.

Play around with the leaf placement. Once you find the leaf and position that works for you, flip the flower over and glue in place. Repeat with the remaining three flowers.

Step 11: Time to Add Some Sparkle

We are near the end! Yay, your're doing GREAT!

This part is easy. Place some glue into the center of each flower and top with a "gem". Press into place to secure.

Step 12: Putting It All Together

If you are using a frame with glass, now is the time to put it back in. Before you insert your picture, make sure to wipe the "inside" of the glass with a clean microfiber or other non-smearing cloth, to remove any fingerprints that may have been made.

Next go ahead and put whatever picture you are using into the frame and replace the back, again, making sure not to break the tabs.

Step 13: Personal Style

Now comes the fun part. Where to put the flowers? Move them around. Try out different arrangements. When you find the one that you just love, then glue those suckers down. You can use any number of the flowers. You can use one or use them all. It's all personal preference.

Step 14: Enjoy Your BEA-UTIFUL Creation :)

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    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you. It's a lot more work than I realized, trying to make sure you have good pics for each step of the process. I really enjoyed it, though. I will have to think of some more stuff to create! :)