Low Angle Hand Plane, How to Make




Introduction: Low Angle Hand Plane, How to Make

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In this video, I show you how I made a Low Angle Hand Plane. For the blade use an iron from another Hand Plane but it could also be done with an old saw blade.

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Step 1: Planing and Sawing

Preparing the body

Step 2: The Big Work

Assembly and fit the body. And ergonomice it.

Step 3: Finishing

some carvings and finishing with homemade beeswax polish

Step 4: The Result



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    9 months ago

    I like this creation, especially your choice of pine to make the plane from. I'm not disrespecting hard woods, but rather saying I want to give pines, such as Panderosa, a chance to prove it could rather replace hard woods in certain makes.