Low Cost Bicycle Mobile Phone Mount Using (Old Deodorant Bottles)




About: Hello my name is Pulkit Saluja and I am an inventor and I love tinkering with computers and electronics and playing guitar ,art and craft, I also like cooking in my free time.

Hi everyone i am back with my second instructable and this time i have come up with a low cost bicycle mount using old deo bottles.

I was tired with my old plastic clamps as they, were breaking very frequently and each time they break i had to buy a new one , so i decided to make my own bicycle clamp ,which would be reliable and wont break that easily as its made up of aluminum so its light weigh and strong and easily mountable on your bicycle.

so here it is enjoy and have fun with this build.

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Step 1: You Will Need

1) Old deodorant bottles x 2

2) Aluminum angles 12 cm x2

3) Aluminum angles 3.3 cm x2

4) Wall wire clips x 4

5) Aluminum strips thin

6) Aluminum strip thick

7) Nuts and bolts,washers,nails.

Step 2: Cutting the Base Piece

1) Cut a 12 cm aluminum angle as shown in the picture and drill the holes as shown in the image.

2) Now after cutting the aluminum angle and drilling the holes.

3) Use a metal file to smooth the rough edges.

4) pain it with the color you want and let it dry.

Step 3: Cutting the Top Piece

1) Cut a 12 cm aluminum angle piece.

2) And drill the holes as shown in the image.

3) Use metal file to smooth the edges.

4) paint the piece with your favorite color.

Step 4: So Here Comes the Deo Bottle

Now to make the push mechanism to hold the mobile phone in place.

1) Take two old deo bottle.

2) Make sure its completely empty.

3) Perform this step carefully and double check that the old deo bottle is completely empty.

4) Now take out the spraying mechanism from deo bottle and keep it safe.

5) you will need two spraying mechanism for the next step.

Step 5: Creating the Mechanism (most Important)

This is the most important step as the whole bicycle mount depends on this step,follow this step carefully.

1) Cut two 3.3 cm aluminum angle and drill holes in it.

2) Now fix the deo spraying mechanism in it with super glue.

3) Now you will need two wall wire clips for the next step.

4) Cut a 10 cm thin aluminum strip as shown in the fourth image.

5) Now drill holes in the thin aluminum strip as shown in the fourth image (make sure that the drilled hole in the thin aluminum strip should align with the hole of the deo spraying mechanism which is shown in second image.

6) Now attach the wall wire clip using its nail ,pierce the nail to all the way passing through the hole in thin aluminum strip to the hole at the top of the deo spraying mechanism tube.

7) Repeat the same step with both aluminum pieces and wall wire clips and the thin aluminum strip ,and you will get something like shown in the image five

Step 6: Attaching Wall Wire Clips to the Top Aluminum Angle

1) Take two more wall wire clips and attach them to the top piece using screw or super glue

2) Now you will get something like shown in image one and two.

3) Now cut a wide aluminum strip piece and drill holes in it as shown in the image three.

4) Bend this wide aluminum strip as shown in the image three.

5) Now attach the wide aluminum strip with the base aluminum angle as shown in image four after that you will get something like shown in image five.

Step 7: Nearly Done.....

once you have completed the previous step correctly,this step is very easy.

1) now attach the top and base aluminum angle using the bent wide aluminum strip and you will get something like images shown above.

Step 8: Making the Clamp for Holding Everything It on Bicycle

1) Take a thin aluminum strip and cut it.

2) Now bend the thin aluminum strip as shown in the image one.

3) Now paint it.

4) Now your low cost bicycle clamp is ready .

5) Now mount it on your bicycle.

Step 9: Get Set Go..............

Now you are all set and ready to go, so take out your bicycle and go out and explore and have fun

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    10 Discussions


    3 years ago

    This is kind of genius. We offer a blog post that's regarding your bicycle worth in accessories but we don't have anything like this on our list. Good job!

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Cool idea, well done! But i'd make it a little simpler, too many parts means it can fail in many different ways, i'd modify a cellphone hard plastic back cover to clip/bolt into a mount on the bike. Still very nice bro ;)

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    The idea is very good but for me it is way too big. If you can make an even compact model I would instantly build it

    4 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    hey I will shortly send you its new design on paper. You can take reference from it to make it compact.


    3 years ago

    too big ?? How it can be smaller ? Nice job by the way