Low Cost Cedar Garden Frame




Introduction: Low Cost Cedar Garden Frame

It's that time of year. Gearing up for the spring gardening season. It's time for me to build a few new raised bed frames for the garden. I've always wanted cedar frames but have never found an affordable source of cedar. Then, while at Home Depot, I saw the cedar fence panels for around $2 each. Let the project begin!

Build (2) 6ft x 3ft cedar garden frame


(12) 5/8" x 5-1/2" x 6' Cedar fence panels

(2) 1" x 3" x 8' Cedar board

(1) box of 1-1/4 exterior wood screws


Drill(s) and bits



Tape measure

Gloves/safety glasses

Miter saw

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Step 1: Gear Up to Build!

Most hardware stores like Lowes or Home Depot will cut wood for you. If not you can use a miter saw.

WEAR SAFETY GEAR! Eye protection, ear protection, etc.

Cut (or have cut) 4 of the fence panels in half.

Cut (or have cut) the 1" x 3" boards into 16" segments.

With everything cut you're not ready to begin assembly!

I typically use (2) drills. One with a pilot bit, the other with a phillips driver.

Step 2: Assemble Long Sides

Lay down (3) of the 16" stakes and place (2) of the long, uncut, fence panels on top of them.

Drill pilot holes in the ends of the fence panels.Only drill through the fence panel. (I do this step here so I can align the holes with the width of the stakes. This holes can also be pre-drilled in step 1.)


Now use one of the other stakes or a spare board to align the ends of the fence panels and the stake.

Use a hammer to flush up where needed.

Secure fences panels with screws


Repeat the above steps for the other end

Use a tape measure to mark 3' on fence panels. Use the tape measure or square to mark the center of the middle stake near the top and bottom.

Align the marks on the stake with the marks on the fence panels. Pre-drill holes and fasten with screws.

Repeat this entire step for 3 more panels.

Step 3: Assemble Ends, Create Box!

Stand (2) of the sides up with the stakes pointing up.

Align one of the short panels with one of the edges of one of the side panels. Use an extra board to align if needed.

Pre-drill holes and secure end panel.

Repeat this for securing the end panel to the other side panel.

Add another short panel on top of the one just added. Follow the same steps to secure.

Now repeat the above steps for the other end of the box and for the other box.

Step 4: Done! Add Some Dirt and Plant Some Seeds!

All done!

You're now ready to install these in your yard, add some weed barrier if you choose, add some dirt and get to planting!

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    3 years ago

    I love these types of planters, very pretty :)