Low Cost Material Holder

There are many spool holders on the internet, but I haven`t found some nice holder for 2 spools (I have 2 extruders so I need holder for 2 spools). So i created my own design, with minimum material used. In the final, this whole holder had cost me less than 2$.

Step 1: Print the Parts and Assembly

Make sure your printer is big enough to handle this, because the main part is big (210x160x140 milimetres). You will also need a rod, you can either print it (it is 230 milimetres long), or you can use wooden rod with diameter 28 milimetres and lenght 230 milimetres. I did not print this part, bacuse it is much faster to find some suitable wood than printing such a big thing. Also there are 4 blocks (blue things), they are here to prevent the rod from moving.



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