Low Maintenance Copper Sunflower Bouquet



Introduction: Low Maintenance Copper Sunflower Bouquet

I was fooling around in the garage and found a roll of copper flashing and a punch and decided to see if I could make something.

ROMEX electrical three conductor wire
Soldering Iron
Copper Flashing
Craft Punch

Step 1: The Flower

So this "Sun" punch was the inspiration, and when I saw the copper I had to see if I could make a "Copper Sun". Because this flashing is backed with tar, I pulled the covering off the tar and folded the copper over on itself (because the tar was very sticky). It punched out very easily and I had copper suns. They looked like sunflowers, so I needed some stems and leaves....

Step 2: Stems and Leaves

The source for more copper was ROMEX wire I had in the garage. I stripped the wire down to the bare copper (stem) and then just drew some leaves with a ball point pen on the flashing. This provided the cut lines as well as the veins on the leaf. If you fold the bottom portion of the leaf around the stem, it gives you a perfect place to solder it to the stem.

Then just a bit of solder to the back of the sun to the stem and you have a "Sun" Flower.

Step 3: Put It All Together

I had an IKEA candleholder and just stuck them in there with some melted wax.

Voila, a small bouquet.

Good luck.

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