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Introduction: Low Profile Sugru Battery Holder

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This instructable will teach you how to make a low profile coin battery holder.

This battery holder works wonderfully with soft circuits. The Sugru case is low profile, easily sewn into fabric and is soft against skin.

Before you open a pouch of Sugru, be prepared to use it all; Sugru must be used within 30 minutes of exposure to air. Make a couple different sized battery holders, or browse through other Sugru uses on this website.

Step 1: What You Need

This is what you will need to make the battery holder:
  • small packet of Sugru
  • conductive thread
  • conductive fabric
  • plastic wrap
  • coin battery

Step 2: Prepare the Sugru

  • Lay out a sheet of plastic wrap to work on.
  • Make two small balls of sugru, the balls should be large enough to cover the face of the battery when flattened (I did not need a full packet for one battery holder).
  • Cut small squares of conductive fabric; the squares should be smaller than the face of the battery.
  • Flatten the Sugru balls, I used the bottom of a small bottle to push them down. Be careful, Sugru is sticky!
  • Push one piece of conductive fabric into each piece of Sugru (see photo).

Step 3: Shape the Holder

  • Wrap the battery in plastic wrap, twisting the plastic wrap shut on one side. Twist the fabric until there are no longer wrinkles in the plastic wrap on the battery.
  • Place a piece of Sugru on each side of the battery, conductive fabric facing in.
  • Smooth the Sugru around the battery forming the battery holder. Leave a gap so that the battery can be replaced as needed, keeping in mind the Sugru has the ability to stretch after it dries.
  • Allow the Sugru to dry overnight. Placing the Sugru somewhere warm will speed the rate at which it dries. I set the holder on top of the oven as it cooled, the holder dried very quickly.

Step 4: Complete the Holder

  • Once the Sugru has completely dried, gently remove the plastic wrap covered battery.
  • Tie a big knot in a short piece of conductive thread (by knotting several times in same place). Feed the conductive thread through the battery holder, starting on the inside. Repeat on the opposite side of the battery holder.
  • Side the battery back into the holder and test with an LED.

Sugru is dishwasher safe, therefore it is safe to hand wash with laundry as well. It can easily be sewn into fabric, and works great with soft circuits.

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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great! I need to make these for an outdoor light festival. I have been taping the legs of the LEDs to the positive or negative sides of the batteries and sometimes the connections aren't too good. If I were to poke a hole where you have the conductive thread coming out and insert the legs of the LEDs do you think that the presence of the conductive fabric would make a better connection that would not break free as easily as the gummy tape? Also, where do you find conductive fabric and thread? Do they provide much resistance? Thanks, thanks ,thanks! for this idea.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Not extremely well. I think I think one made of Oogoo would grip better.