Low Rider Sylvania



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This is an easy model, sat around in a storage bin since like 2005. you can tell this was an early build for me. I tried something different with the steering on purpose, the rear wheels is one of my old ideas for suspension using a rubber band, this doesn't need a rubber band because it supposed to drop down all the way or stay up all the way. The little Knex character is named Brittany O.

Step 1: Base Frame

To start off, I have pictures of all angles so you can put together what you see, it too simple i think to gut this car down to show every wall and floor board.

Step 2: Front and Rear Wheels

Like i said in the introduction, i made this steering different.

Step 3: Doors, Roof, Hoods

The doors is held on by the weight of the car pulling away from the middle, after the roof goes on, it makes more sense. The doors don't snap on.



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