Low Waist Baloon Frock With Waist Coat With Gather Sleeve

this frock is made from two of my dupattas.

Step 1: Materials Required

main materials and lining materials for frock and coat

matching thread for stitching



measurig tape

Step 2: Construction of Front Side of the Waist Coat

Step 3: Construction of Back Side of the Waist Coat

Step 4: Construction of the Sleeves

Step 5: Draw the Pattern for the Back on the Cloth

Step 6: Cut the Pattern With the Seem for Stitching

cut the same on both the lining and main material

Step 7: Draw the Front Pattern on the Cloth and Cut It With the Seem

cut the same on both the lining and main material

Step 8: Draw the Sleeves Pattern on the Cloth and Cut Them With the Sleem

no need of lining material for sleeves

Step 9: Make a Finishing Piece for the Collar and Front

prepare a 2.5'' inch wide lengthy strip by joining many small pieces together.

fold it in half and make small gatherings and it will look like frills.

Step 10: Start Stitching

join the sholders of lining and main material seperately

Step 11: Finishing the Front

stitch the frill on the front of main material in such a way that it covers the entire front opening including the collar.

then finish the unfinished inside of the front and collar by using the lining piece as a phasing material.

Step 12: Back Finishing

fold and finish the bottom (waist).

stitch the two darts.

Step 13: Sleeves

fold and stitch the bottom of the sleeves to finish the raw edges.

make the small gathers.

put stitches on three to four places on the gathers in lengthwise so that gathers will stay properly.

Step 14: End of the Coat

attach the sleeves to the body of the coat.

join the sides of the sleeves and coat.

Step 15: Construction of the Frock

frock has two parts.

one is the bodice part and another is the skirt part.

Step 16: Construction of the Front Part of the Bodice

Step 17: Construction of the Back Part of the Bodice

Step 18: Cutting the Materials

draw the pattern on both the main and the lining materials.

cut them with the seem for stitching.

cut some cross pieces for finishing the neck and armholes.

Step 19: Start Stitching

join the sholders of the back and the front with the lining materials.

finish the neck with the cross piece (phasing piece can also be used).

Step 20: Finish the Back Opening

stitch the zipper at the back opening.

if we want more shape we can stitch darts at the waist on the back side.

join the sides of the bodice.

Step 21: Cutting the Materials for Skirt Piece

it is a rectangular piece.

width of the skirt material is according to our desire.atleast it should be three times of the seat.

lining material's width also equal to the main material's width.

the length of the main material is

total length of the frock - seat length of the frock+5''

the length of the lining material is

length of the main material - 10''

Step 22: Start Stitching the Skirt Piece

join the side edges of the pieces seperately.

stitch the bottom of the both materials together with light gatherings on the inner side.

turn them and join the upper side with gatherings .so that the upper side matches with the bottom part of the bodice.

Step 23: Joining the Bodice and Skirt

join the skirt piece with the bodice piece.

Step 24: Small Decoration

cut long strip from the remaining material of the coat material.

make it into a thin strip by folding its lengthwise edges.

then stitch this strip on the frock at the joint of the bodice and skirt.

Step 25: The End



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