Low Watering Houseplant

Introduction: Low Watering Houseplant

  • This project uses dehumidifying crystals and an optional use of a greenhouse to retain water within houseplants. It will work best for indoor plants that do not like very moist soil, and in damp rooms. It is ideal for herbs, geraniums, etc
  • Although it provides the plant with water, occasional watering may be needed.
  • This project can be used by 'forgetful' people who usually kill indoor plants by not watering them.
  • I have used it whilst away on holiday to both keep the plants alive and to reduce dampness in a empty house - a win, win project!

Step 1: Find the Materials

  1. A terracotta pot with plant
  2. Waterproof drip tray
  3. Moisture Trap refill crystals
  4. Transparent container (optional)

Step 2: Plant House Plant Into Terracotta Pot

  • A terracotta pot is required as it will absorb water from the tray rather than requiring the roots to directly draw the liquid from the tray.

Step 3: Find a Deep Waterproof Drip Tray

  • This drip tray will create a reservoir of water for your houseplants.

Step 4: Fill Drip Tray With Moisture Trap Refill Crystals

  • These crystals absorb water from the air and will function best in a damp room such as a bathroom or kitchen, for best results. These crystals will need to be topped up every six weeks or so.

Step 5: Place Pot Plant Onto Drip Tray

Step 6: Place Transparent Container Over Pot

  • The container is used to reduce the evaporation of the water from the leaves and to recycle water, therefore limiting watering even more. This is an optional step.
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    4 years ago

    I have a medical marijuana license after 18 surgeries and separate broken back and broken neck. Yes, I really do qualify. If fact, m. m. is the ONLY thing tht I've found to keep the feeling of 'ants pouring out of my back' when I attempt to go to sleep. It is SO expensive to keep buying the medicine especially on a VERY tight disability pension. I am in my sixties and can't take my m.m. with me when going to the southern U.S. to visit with my sweetheart. It is no problem when she is here.

    What do you suggest to keep m.m. plants alive and doing well while I"m away for a few months at a time. I would like to grow my own and have not been able to figure out how to water them properly while away. Thank my sweetheart for helping me with the costs of travel otherwise I wouldn't be able to go at all. Even buying the proper seeds (it's taken me about two years to figure out the right ratio of THC : CBD) is very expensive. I am NOT interested in getting euphoric just to 'take the edge off' enough that I can sleep. You don't know what it's like going for a week and having only 15 hours sleep total. I'm like a zombie and then when trying to go to bed, the 'ant feeling' comes out to keep me awake until 5 or 6 in the morning. Then the alarm goes and I have medical appointments.

    I just want to have a system without buying the VERY expensive self contained systems that will grow my medicine without involving anyone while I'm away. I've also had a brain injury and so even when I'm here, I've often killed plants because of forgetting to water them. Please send me some ideas of how to solve this. I know there must be some way but haven't been able to figure it out yet. Again, as a reminder, this is not university days and wanting to get 'stoned', this is serious and all I want to do is not have the pain that ONLY m.m. seems to solve. Between my doctors and the dozens of pain meds we've tried, nothing seems to work the way m.m. does. Help!?


    4 years ago

    Very nice! It could save little plant during holidays. You can improve your project by build a litte cage for the calcium cloride. If you have animals or childs at home it would be better to protect them from this salt, as it is very irritating for the skin, expecially for the eyes. Also it would be better for indoor use (avoid the rain which can let the crystals jump out from the cap.

    You could upgrade the project by stiking two jar caps together, and make some splits on the top, or an hole of the right diameter, where insert the pot.


    4 years ago

    Nicely done, looks like a great little setup for the plant :)