Lowering Power/Automatic Shutoff on PS3

Introduction: Lowering Power/Automatic Shutoff on PS3

PS3 gives off alot of energy, but did you know theres a way to automatically shut it off/ lower power consumption?! So if your to cheap/want to safe power, here is a guide for you!
Here are a few different steps to lower the voltage of a PS3:

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Step 1: Turning on Automatic Shutoff

To do this simply go to Settings on your bar, and scroll down to Power Settings. Click on it and go to Automatic Shut-Off, and click to set. After setting you will have the option to turn off even under special conditions (meaning that the system will turn itself off even when you are playing a game). I recommend checking this feature.

Step 2: Lowering Your Output Resolution

Those who have SD (Standard Definition) TV's or are already broadcasting at NTSC standard can skip this step. By lowering your output resolution your TV's display saves more power (because it is using less voltage to broadcast higher resolution).

Start by scrolling down to Display, click on it, then go to Video Output Settings (as you can see in my third photo, I am outputting my PS3's resolution at 1080i).

Choose what connection you are using, and you will come to the screen of the main picture (below). Now check the lowest resolution possible to save the most power. The lower the resolution the least power the TV is using.

Your screen will go black and will flash back. It will now ask you for 4:3 or 16:9 I'd say 4:3 uses less power. Press X to confirm.

This saves a bit of power, but can add up overtime.

Step 3: Using ScreenSaver

While you are still in display settings, go to Screensaver, and click on 5 minutes.
This is good to reduce voltage when not playing.

Step 4: Disable Your Wi-Fi/Internet Connection

This step is also simple.

Scroll down to Internet Settings.
Then click on Internet Connection>Disable.

Disabling WiFi (and even Online) can save your PS3 a bit of power when communicating between your Router or your Internet Modem.

You can also save power by not playing Online Games on PS3 or using its Web Browser.

Step 5: Completly Turning Off System

I hope you know this step!!

Ok either head over to User>Power Off, Hold Down the PS button on the controller until it comes to a menu and then press Turn System off, or Manually do it yourself.

Now you will see a switch behind the system. Press it and it will completly turn off the system. You will notice because the red light on the front pannel is no longer there, and you cant turn off/eject disc from the system without flipping the switch again.

Ok that was simple! By doing this you are eliminating all power going into the PS3. This is much greener and should be down on a regular basis (overnight, weekend trip, weeklong trip, moving away and for some messed up reason leaving your PS3 plugged in etc.)

Step 6: Take Out That Optical Disc!!

You may not have known this, but the Optical Disc (CDs, DVDs, BluRays etc.) take up alot of power. This is because of the voltage needed for the blu ray (blue) and DVD (red) lazers in the system. So try to use SD cards USBs or any other portable storage over optical disc. They are that much more enviromentally friendly.

(| recently had to send my PS3 in because the BD Lazer blew out)

Step 7: The Most "Enviromentally Friendly" Optical Disc

Ok, obviously your not going to stop using the Optical Disc drive all together, same with online, and HD. But From the picture below you can see a comparison of th most enviromentally friendly disc. The older the friendlier.

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    8 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    If you're concerned about your resolution using too much energy you've got a problem.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    vey cool but raising and lowering resolustion affects more the TV you are connected to rather than the PS3. good job though!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Well, seeing the big red warning under this box makes me stop for a minute to rephrase. Where is your logic for any of this? Proof? Research? Turning it off to conserve power makes sense, although there's apparently an inherent risk with it. But the rest of it, no proof, very little explanation. I think the Instructable would be greatly improved with some supporting evidence.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I'm gonna kill-a-watt this when I get my ps3 back from a friend. Seriously...

    Setting auto-off wastes power, because you should be turning the system off when you're done, not leaving it for 15 extra minutes.

    Lowering resolution may decrease power consumption, but I doubt it. The ps3's main power drain is the cpu, and it's gonna do just as many calculations with high or low resolution. The second-biggest user is the GPU - and this MIGHT affect the gpu, but I figure it's doing just as much work high or low resolution - its going to do x calculations, either filling a big screen or a little screen. - test results to follow. Also, turning down your resolution, if you have a decent tv will make it look like crap.
    One thing you CAN do is turn down the brightness - specifically backlight on your hdtv. Less bright = less power consumption.

    Optical drive - removing disks when not in use is good, because the drive DOES spin up whenever it thinks there may be a need to read the disk. I am of the belief however that the blu-ray laser and dvd laser use approximately the same wattage - different media shouldn't make a difference.

    Lastly - I've read PLENTY of accounts on the sony playstation forums of people having wrecked their systems by their account, 'switching the power off by the mains switch'...NEVER, EVER do this if the system is powered up. The ps3 does draw a few watts while in standby mode, so turning it off after powering down shouldn't be too risky, but I personally wouldn't do it unless I'm not going to play for a week. The shock to the system when turning back on isn't worth it.

    Essentially - your instructible might as well read 'leave your ps3 in the box, and don't use it.'...

    One thing that comes to mind - the ps3 is a 100-300 watt behemoth (Depending on model). When you have a ps3 and a dvd player, use the dvd player for movies - saves the ps3 laser diode (which do wear out), and a standard dvd player uses 20-50 watts. If given the choice...