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Introduction: Lowpoly Case for Anything You Want

Here is a brief tutorial on how to make a Case in low poly style for 3d printing.

to achieve this we need to make 3 main step:

1) Get 3d model of required item, in this tutorial we will digitize smth using photogrammetry.

2) Convert model to low poly style

3) Cut inner space for original item

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Step 1: Get the Model

First of all, you can try to search your item over the internet, perhaps you can find required 3D models. But in case if your object is unique, or free 3d models aren't available, you can easily make it by yourself using photogrammetry technique, without any modeling at all.

Here will be an example with Autodesk Remake, but there are a lot of similar software, ex. Recap, 123catch, etc.

Here is simple tutorial :

- So you need to download ReMake trial from Autodesk site.

- Take from 20 to 50 all around photos, depends on how complex your items are.

- Upload then into ReMake

- Cleanup generated the model.

- Export model into modeling software, in my case its Fusion 360

In both cases for ReMake and Fusion 360, you don't need powerful PC, as main operations proceed in the cloud.

Step 2: Open in Fusion 360

Little side step: If you export you model from Remake as *.obj (quad) it will be almost ready for 3d printing, after misc. makeup in Fusion, if required. This can be used to make a plastic copy if something you want.

In our case we need to export ReMake model as *.stl, to get mesh object, as it can easily be converted into low polygonal version

Step 3: Make It Low Poly

Next steps we will review on Xbox controller example. This model also has been captured using ReMake.

1) In "Mesh" inviroment: select object in browser → go to Modify → "Remesh" or "Reduce" ( it doesn't matter, cause numbers of faces, polygons can be lowered in both).

2) In case if this function doesn't work, its mean our mesh isn't properly generated, there are some gaps or clashes. But is not a big problem: select required object`s areas →Modify→ "Make Closed Mesh"→ check "preview"→ specify required density value

3) If there left some unrequired edges you can glassy them: select areas→ Modify→Smooth→specify value

4) As addition, you can select "blocky" rebuild mode, and make your project with voxels like from Minecraft

In this step, you can already print your item just as interesting remix of an original object

Step 4: Void

Next, we need to cut some inner space for our original item.

1) Scale future case model a little bit: go to "Model" inviroment→ Modify→Scale→Enter Value

2) Fit our original model into Low Poly one, adjust scale if required. Increase inside model a little to take some tolerances into account.

3) You can turn on Wireframe visual style. to see through elements

4) Go to "Modify"→Combine→ Select objects→Cut

In result, we get hollow model with original item shape inside

Step 5: Split

Next, we need to split our model to allow put smth inside:

1) Draw separator line. Model→Sketch→Select tool to draw: Line, Spline, Arc, Curve, etc.→select plane where you will be drawing→create required separator

2) Model→Modify→Split Body→select body at first and line for separation then→Ok

Pay attention to Constructability Analysis to ensure there is possibility to put it inside printed case.

Step 6: Variations

- Add some features: text, shapes, holes for charging, buttons, legs for standing, hangers, etc.

- Generate joint system - you can test different variations of joining parts at:: "Model|→Assamble→Joint (or just press "J") → Select required Joint Type and parameters→ Specify faces or edge to join→ Watch animation and fix if necessary.

- Also, Fusion provides awesome rendering features, just apply required materials, setup environment, view and press render in cloud)

- Please notify if something is unclear or inconsistent, comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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