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Introduction: Lt. Licorice

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First of all, I'd like to say THIS ISN'T MY GUN, IT WAS MADE BY S0LEKILL3R.
Okay, I'm posting this because I know a lot of you will like it, and it should've been posted a long time ago. It's a great gun, and this idea could be made differently, and more powerful, and this could become a whole nother' type of knex guns. Just think of how this gun could be with a turret, or a longer (barrel?) thing! So ya, I just had to make it and post it.

Okay, now about it. It shoots oodammo, and has an awesome pin, and it's awesomely powerful. It's a great gun, and it's one of my favorite guns ever. Pros and cons.

shoots oodammo
18 round ammo
cool pin thing
Pretty comfy
Super cool

the mag sometimes blows up. (hardly ever)

Get building it! I know you'll like it!

Step 1: Stock Part One

The top part of the stock. Eaasy...

Step 2: Stock Part Two

Easy again.

Step 3: Top Rail

The top of the barrel.

Step 4: Break!

mmmmm, have some of these warm pancakes and finish your gun!

Step 5: Bottom Barrel & Handle

This step is kinda hard, but I took it apart and took pictures. (not like the other steps).

Step 6: Oodammo Mag

The magazine. Pretty easy.

Step 7: Firing Pin

This is the firing pin.

Step 8: Putting It Together!

Step 9: Firing and Loading




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I (s0lekill3r under a new account) am stopping by here to express my appreciation for what you've done here. After a long time of being busy with life, I've found some time to purchase a decent amount of K'nex and build this favorite creation of mine, with your helpful pictures and guide. Here's to you, Seleziona!

is it just me or is this gun too big for a small knex war, cos i would use it as a sniper, cos of the oodammo

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(late reply i know) you think this is a big gun? it's too big for you? no offense dude, but thats a really nooby statement. this is relatively a pretty small rifle. look around you... there are guns twice as big as this one that are considered as average size. lol.

nah, it aint too big for me, but i was thinking about tight spaces in a war when u wouldnt be able to manoeuvre this gun because of the size

Hey Selez I have a problem. My mag keeps blowing up almost every shot. Maybe a solve to this problem?

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Umm, maybe put a less tight elastic on the mag, and don't overfill it. If that doesn't work, I don't know what will.

Hey Selez! Just finished it, shot with it around 10 times and it was pretty good! Thanks for posting instructions!


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