Luanode WiFi Video Tank

Luanode is a Lua SDK for ESP32 and ESP8266 Wifi chip. We use it to create a funny Wifi Car in this instructables. Our Kickstarter campaign is alive with the following link: Luanode Kickstarter Campaign . If you back for our project, we will be very appreciated!

We will show you how to make a WiFi car with Luanode in this instructables. Just follow the following steps.

Step 1: Get Hardware

The hardware contain: iPhone/iPad, Tank chassis (with Esp8266 dev kit inside).

The Tank contains the following parts:

  • Tank chassis
  • Esp8266 dev chip, the main controller, including temperature and humidity sensor
  • Battery, it's powerful and can last for about half an hour, and it is rechargeable
  • HD Camera, it will capture video and transmit the video to your iPhone, the app install on iPhone will display the video
  • Wifi router, setup connection for you iPhone.

The tank images is shown as the image on the thumbnails.

Step 2: Preparing Software

The program (Luanode) for the chip on the tank is initially flashed on it, so we don't need to flash again. We use iPhone to move the tank via WiFi connection. Install the app via the following link: Tank App . Then run the app on iPhone and setup connection by searching the WiFi signal named: Diot Wifi Tank. When you connect to the tank, you can move the tank by pressing the button on the app. What's more, the video capture by camera on the tank will be displayed on the app.

Step 3: Test

When you have finished the software as well as hardware, you can start testing the Tank! Run the app installed on your iPhone or iPad. Then change the rotation speed of the wheel, you can see that the tank will move slowly or faster than before. Also you can monitor the temperature and humidity gathering by the sensor integrate on the Esp8266 dev kit. It's funny!

Again, Our Kickstarter Campaign for Luanode is alive on the following link: Luanode Kickstarter Campaign . I hope you'll like this funny tank (An application for Luanode), and if you back for Luanode Kickstarter Campaign , We will be very appreciated, Thanks.



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    1 year ago

    How do I reflash the tank car Video Program,

    (Luanode) To the Dev chip?I accidently erased my dev chip. I have the

    Esp8266 dev kit.